• After sailing around the world as a documentary filmmaker with a UN Global Climate Expedition for many years, I realised we have the solutions already to almost every global goal. So I've made it my life's purpose to implement them.


    But how?


    Here's my current approach:

    • Vision — Inspiring hope and sharing examples of what a healthy global ecosphere and thriving local economy could look like.
    • Strategy — Connecting people & organisations to increase the efficiency & speed of change.
    • Storytelling  Scaling solutions by giving visionaries more visibility.

    I've worked all over the world with investors, multinationals, governments and multi-lateral organisations as both a storyteller and strategist, from carbon offset projects in the Amazon Rainforest, Cacao Farms in Mexico, Solar Panels in Maasai villages in Tanzania to Circular Economy solutions across the world.


  • Current Focus

    Strategic Communications | Storytelling | Sustainability | Systems-change | Board Advisory

    Helping Visionaries get more Visibility around the world.


    Building the global leader for purpose-driven strategy, storytelling & communications​.

    Accelerating the economic evolution of multinationals, large family companies and systems institutions.

    Independent Advisory

    Board Advisory and Executive Training on Social and Environmental Impact.


    Research and consulatation on ESG Risk and Stakeholder Engagement Strategy.


    Founder Mentorship & Coaching.


    Interviews, Articles & Media

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    Meet The 5 Women In Singapore Championing Sustainability

    Through Music, Films and Festivals

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    Jacqui Hocking Selected as FORBES 30 under 30

    "Defining the ever-shifting world of news and content"

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    Capturing Stories That Matter

    "Sadly the multinational company I want to work for doesn’t exist yet, so I need to create it​"

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    VSStory: Powering communications through ecosystems

    "each of them were community builders with different ecosystems, and that they agreed startups and corporations needed effective ways to gain visibility for their visionary ideas."

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    "Through sustainable innovation and collaboration, we can leverage the power and networks we have in the corporate sector to really drive new solutions which benefit all of us."

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    Going green at The Singapore Eco Film Festival!

    "Through sustainable innovation and collaboration, we can leverage the power and networks we have in the corporate sector to really drive new solutions which benefit all of us."

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    Women in data: closing the data gap and convening equality groups in Asia

    "If we’re all working towards gender equality, shouldn’t we share and improve information? This question drove entrepreneur Jacqui Hocking to crowdsource and link equality communities in Asia, to minimise duplication and increase impact"

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    Co-founder Jacqui Hocking moves on

    "By focussing on the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of her work — and not the ‘what’ Hocking knows she will live a meaningful life by helping others"

    TEDx 2021: How can we reconcile progress and sustainability?

    Breaking the barrier: how the film industry can address the lack of female protagonists and directors

    Say Goodbye To The Old Advertising And Media Scene, Thanks To These Innovators

    Fashion and beauty’s sustainability problem in a post-pandemic world

    “We are so disconnected from ourselves, and from nature that we don’t even care about climate change. We need to fix love, compassion and communities,”

  • The Blog

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    Prestige 40 Under 40: Jacqui Hocking, founder partner of Vision Strategy Storytelling ...
  • Newsletter

    Insights to inspire change and create shared value for all.

  • Writing

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    Speaking. Sharing. Inspiring.


    Speaking on Business Strategy, Sustainability,

    Storytelling & Partnerships.

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    "Jacqui Hocking basically just rocked Pecha Kucha Singapore… This evening is done. Nothing will top the last 6 minutes tonight"

    From the Worlds Best Business Schools to the TEDx Stage.

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    “Perhaps I can be less cynical about the role of corporations in affecting change. Inspiring morning & lot of food for thought…”

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    "So many people wrote, 'Anything is possible' in the final learnings, your central theme... the feedback has been so very positive and encouraging!”

    - Srivi Ramasubramanian, Associate Professor, Texas A&M University


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  • Portfolio

    Past Companies and Projects

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    Vision Strategy Storytelling Pte. Ltd.

    In the next 3 years, 80% of internet traffic will be video. What's your strategy?

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    Creating Opportunities for Corporates, NGOs & Storytellers to Collaborate.

    The Singapore Eco Film Festival (#SGEFF) is an inspirational celebration bringing together environmental organisations, storytellers & artists in Singapore to increase collaboration, raise awareness & ignite a public passion for protecting our environment.

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    Volunteering to Build a Community using Business as a Force for Good.

    A lot of people believe in using business as a force to solve social and environmental problems, and we want to offer support to those that wish to join the movement in South East Asia. This is an unofficial fan page of the B Corp movement, as a collaboration between the community in South East Asia.

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    Collecting Positive Global Solutions for Climate Change through Adventure.

    The TOPtoTOP Global Climate Expedition is a family expedition travelling over the 7-Seas to peak the 7-Summits (Sailing, Cycling & Climbing) to inspire children for a better future.

    Collecting Data to Achieve Gender Equality.

    EWEC is a a user-generated database and resource for anyone who would like to connect into the Empowerment & Womens Equality Community (EWEC) in Asia to increase collaboration between orgs.


    "Coming Together is a Beginning,

    Keeping Together is Progress,

    Working Together is Success!"

    Coding Stories.

    StoryCode is an open-source, global community for emerging and established cross-platform and immersive storytellers.

    By developing, incubating and exhibiting innovative, immersive story forms, StoryCode serves creators, technologists and distributors of cross-platform narrative content.

    Funding Awesome.

    The Awesome Foundation is an ever-growing worldwide community devoted to forwarding the interest of awesome in the universe. The Singapore Chapter hopes to fund projects that affect disadvantaged populations and the environment in bold and creative ways, granting $1,000 every month.


    We want to help you make your awesome idea happen.

    Making Films.

    LateNite is a full service production studio with a reputation for creating cinematic, innovative and unique content.

    Our team of highly skilled filmmakers have created television shows, feature films, music videos, short films, documentaries and installations.

  • Let's Connect 

  • A few humans that help make this human possible

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    50 businesses of the future where everyone wins